Carpet and rug cleaning services

Abbey Cleaning Services rug and carpet cleaning offers you the opportunity for a thorough spring clean, at any time of the year.

Our cleaners take care to completely remove furniture from the area or areas to be cleaned.  Using a selection of dedicated cleaning equipment and chemicals, they are able to remove dirt, dust and stains to leave you with a pristine carpet or rug that you can be proud of.

How does it work?

Step 1:
The cleaner will apply a cleaning chemical to your carpet, focusing particular attention to dirtier areas. It is then left to be absorbed.
Step 2: 
With the aid of powerful, but gentle, cleaning machines the chemical compounds are worked into the pile. Mixed with hot water, these chemicals do their work and are then extracted almost immediately. Concentrating on a small area at a time, the cleaner will repeat this process until satisfied that the dirt has been removed.
Step 3:
If any stains remain, the cleaner will treat these areas individually. Not all stains can be removed, but you can rest assured that our cleaners will not stop until satisfied that no further improvement can be made.

What are the benefits?

  • Process used is quick drying and can be walked on immediately after cleaning.
  • Foil protectors are placed to prevent possibility of rust marks from furniture. (These should remain until cleaned area is dry)
  • Thorough service with focus on hygiene and stain removal
  • Chemical compounds used work deep into pile, loosening dirt within the fibres of the carpet or rug.
  • Chemicals that we use contain optical brighteners, helping to restore the original colour depth of the pile where possible.
    David Evans & Co Estate Agents Eltham & Plumstead 
    “We have used Burlingtons on many occasions for cleaning carpets at property to be sold or rented. Every time, Burlingtons has proved to be reliable and have always achieved very good results - against all odds sometimes! We wouldn’t use any other company.”

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