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There are five different specialist cleaning techniques offered by Abbey Cleaning Services.

These treatments offer enhanced cleaning and hygiene over our standard cleaning services. If you are looking for the most thorough clean possible, then just ask about these services and we will be happy to help you.

Stain removal:
It is sometimes possible to solely attend to individual marks on  carpeting or upholstery. We use different kinds of high quality stain removers, selected for their effectiveness against the stain in question as well as to prevent damage to the material.

Remember:  time is of the essence, the sooner a stain is treated, the easier it will be to remove. Do not attempt to remove stains using shampoo preparations, this tends to make the stain harder to remove.

Allergy treatment:
We are able to carry out treatments to carpets and upholstery using the latest anti-allergy products. These remove dust and have anti-bacterial properties.
Insect and dust mite removal:
This treatment can be carried out on carpets and upholstery using specially formulated chemicals. By cleaning the entire area we are able to carry out effective treatment of carpets and upholstery.
Odour removal:
Also known as deodourising, this is another service we carry out to carpets and upholstery. The deodourising chemical, used in conjunction with our cleaning chemicals is effective in removing common household smells, such as those caused by pets.
Flame retardant treatment:
Now required in places of public use. We can easily apply flame retardant compounds to your carpets, curtains and upholstery. This product and service conforms to British Standard requirements.

Mr & Mrs Deaves, Broxbourne
“Burlingtons have been coming to us for about 15 years now. We always arrange an 8am appointment and guess what? They’re always on time - rare these days!
Great job every time”

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