Upholstery cleaning services

Abbey Cleaning Services cleaning team is experienced and highly trained. Because of this we are able to determine exactly what kind of cleaning process would best remove dirt from your upholstery without damaging the fabric itself.

From the type, age and material used, our cleaner will the determine whether dry cleaning or wet cleaning would be the best option.

Our dry cleaning process:

Step 1:
The cleaner applies a chemical to the fabric, concentrating on dirtier areas. This chemical is left to be absorbed and react with the dirt.
Step 2:
The upholstery is then cleaned, entirely by hand. This is done using a dry-cleaning solvent. The solvent is applied and extracted immediately, drawing dirt from the fabric. This process is repeated until the dirt is removed.
Step 3:
Any marks that remain are specially treated with dedicated stain removers. The cleaner will continue until satisfied that no further improvement can be made.

Our wet cleaning process:

Step 1: 
Chemical cleaners are sprayed on to the upholstery and left to to react with the dirt in the fabric.
Step 2: 
Using a specialised machine, hot water and chemicals are sprayed into the fabric, agitating and removing the dirt. This gentle process is continued until the dirt is removed.
Step 3: 
 As in the dry cleaning process, any remaining marks are given specialist treatment until no further improvement can be made.
Mrs Clayton, Stanford-Le-Hope 
“I have used Burlingtons for over 9 years to clean my carpets and suite annually. They always look beautiful when the cleaner has finished. Have recommended them to family and friends.”

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